Aluminum Hiking Stick with Light

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  • Strong & Lightweight Aluminum Body Makes it Easy to Take on Treks, Walks and Travel.
  • Anti-Shock Spring Mechanism Reduces Shock and Body Weight on Thighs, Knees and Lower Back.
  • Telescopic Stick with 3 Extendable and Retractable Sections with Locks, Stop Extension Limit and Centimeter Markings.
  • Length Extended From 54cm to 110cm. Removable Basket and Rubber Cap. Ergonomic Grip Handle with Adjustable Strap &LED Flashlights.
  • Package Contains 1Pc 4-Step LED Lights Telescopic Walking Stick.


This Telescopic Walking Stick has some excellent features that sets it apart from other traditional walking sticks. Made of strong and lightweight aluminum, the stick has protection on the top and bottom of the stick, which makes it adaptable to both rough and smooth terrains. On the top of the stick, a vertical and horizontal grip handle with foam support and wrist strap reduces the stress on wrists from a long day of hiking. The handle has LED Flashlights (batteries included). The bottom of the stick has a removable rubber cap for a stable footing on smooth surfaces and an inner steel tip for protection on rough surfaces. A removable basket, provided with the stick, keeps the stick from sinking in sand, mud and snow. The stick has a 3 section pole extension mechanism, with a stopping extension limit marked on each section and centimeter marks on the pole. It makes the walking stick telescopic and enables you to extend or retract it as you wish. An anti-shock spring mechanism embedded in the stick, absorbs vibrations and shock.


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